Monday, July 21, 2014


Gahhh!! It's back to school already at our house thanks to my husband's extended school year. But, we're not letting the abrupt end of summer get us down!

Instead, mama's planning a week's worth of fun activities to distract from Daddy's absence. A collection of beautiful blue faces to inspire you on this Monday! 

And this one.. because we all need a laugh on Monday morning. 



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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The fourth of July marked our four-year anniversary here in Austin. 

As you know we recently traveled back to our home state of Minnesota and while we had an amazing time, we agreed Austin is home. Here are our top 5 reasons we're glad to be back in ATX!

1. Food. We drive I-35 literally from our front door to Minneapolis with rest stops approximately every mile. Located at every stop: McDonalds or Subway. Gross. Next time we will plan stops around decent places to eat. Shame on you, Iowa. All of that farmland, and I found myself eating instant mashed potatoes, canned gravy, and other processed crap. Not to mention a barrage of heavy meats, rich casseroles soaked in Mayo, and mounds of sweets flying at us from every direction the entire trip. We ate like kings, yet never before have we so appreciated our proximity to amazing produce, and the healthy, foodie, culture of Austin.

Then there's the Mexican food. We hit Chalios in Fort Worth for some authentic and ate at Tyson's Tacos on Airport Blvd., immediately upon arrival in Austin. Yesterday I made a big pot of tortilla soup. We've become people who NEED not even say Ortega to me.

2. Non-conformity. There is a vibe here in Austin that you should "do your thing." No one bats an eye at any display of unusual behavior. In fact it would not be labeled unusual here. People dress like they want to dress, ride unicycles, paint their houses purple, howl at the moon, and generally wave-their-hands-in-the-air-like-they-just-don't-care.  This suits us just fine, thank you.

3. Small businesses. Everywhere. Why get Starbucks when you get Thunderbird, Kick Butt, Epoch, Corona, Flight Path? People take their small businesses seriously here. Yes, the usual culprits are still here, but the little guys can hold their own.

4. General family-friendliness. We've often felt quiet tolerance when you drag a rowdy three year old and a bouncy, drooling baby into an establishment in other parts of the country. Here in Austin, its perfectly acceptable for Ruby to wander up to a table in a restaurant, introduce herself and tell everyone at the table about her dog/princess dress/dragons. To be fair, she always says, "Tescuse me" when she interrupts adults. We are friendly and casual, but we still have manners, ya'll.

5. Openness. Is that a word? My spell check says so. Most people are very friendly and polite and go out of their way not to attract attention or offend anyone. As you travel south, somewhere around the Kansas/Oklahoma border, people get a little bit chattier, linger a bit longer, until finally by the time you reach Oklahoma City, people leap over your suitcase, grab your baby out of your arms, and tell you their whole life story. It was disconcerting when we first moved here. Now it feels normal.

Just some of the many reasons we fit right in here in Austin. Keep it weird.


All photos by me. 

Monday, July 14, 2014


Why so blue, you ask? 

Today marks the one week point before my hubby goes back to work for the school year. Yes, they get an early start, and yes, its painful. So this week, we're packing in all of our bucket list items: pool time, cooking, home projects, mini-adventures, and good old-fashioned chill time. 

Today's blue inspiration:


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Friday, July 11, 2014


I'm back!  The shops are open for biz and I've been working hard!

On our recent trip to MN, I was sure to make time for visiting my favorite fabric warehouse in the Twin Cities. Seeing as how I only get there about once every few years I majorly stocked up on fun batik prints, textured upholstery remnants, sumptuous linen, leather scraps, tassels and trims--all to be incorporated in my new bag line.

I'm pretty stoked as my first two attempts at baggery (it's a word) sold immediately!

I also scored a major pile of vintage jewels from my in-laws, to be reworked into new fresh pieces.

I reworked a few tired styles.

And got straight to work with my new goods, like a kid on Christmas morning.

NEW! The Vagabond bag...In "Gatsby"

A gorgeous retro-wash strie'd denim body is embellished with an upcycled woven fringed piece and topped with gold and black African print cotton, and a buttery leather scrap.

A vintage Art Deco Button, mustard suede cord, and hand-painted wood buttons add a little interesting detail.

The inside is lined with the same gorgeous African print and reinforced with a layer of interfacing to give the bag some heft. Scraps of contrasting tapestry reinforce the magnetic snap closure. Two slip pockets for all of your essential giblets. 

The perfect medium size, with boxed corners.. not huge, but enough to be a daily purse (approximately 12x14). Basic enough for day and elegant enough for evening. I may have trouble giving this beauty up. 

And KEROUAC. Another medium Vagabond-style bag with a nubby textured cotton upholstery base with hand-dyed Shibori scraps and leather bits sitting atop a piece of salt and pepper linen in indigo. Black and natural leaf-print batik add some graphic punch. 

A little rustic stitching adds some weird handmade charm. 

Lined in a gorgeous (new!)chevron batik print in deep turquoise. An extra layer of interfacing to make it last forever! Metallic gold embroidery and a woven piece in black and white reinforce the magnetic closure. 

An upcycled, distressed blue jean pocket adds a little storage on the back. 

Let's look at that again. Yum. 

Available today in the shop

Next up: These vintage needlepoints I scored at a thrift store.. here' some materials I'm thinking.. 

Weird and awesome.. stay tuned.